Universal Adjustable Wrench Adjustable 8 Inch 6 Inch

Universal Adjustable Wrench Adjustable 8 Inch 6 Inch

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1 x Universal Wrench


Size: 6", 8"
Material: High carbon steel
Dimension: Approx. 6": 15.5x9x1.4cm/ 6.1x3.54x0.55" 8": 20x11x1.7cm/ 7.87x4.33x0.67"
Max. clamping diameter: Approx. 6": 13mm/ 0.51" 8": 20mm/ 0.79"
Min. clamping diameter: Approx. 6": 7mm/ 0.28" 8": 11mm/ 0.47"
Clamping range: 6": (7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15mm) 8": (12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20mm)

Max. safety clamping force: 6": 784N 8": 980N


Squeeze the handles until the 6 steel jaws find the right size, easy to use no guessing bolt sizes.
Distributes equal force on all sides of bolts-will not slip, strip, round off fasteners or bust knuckles.
As you squeeze the handles, all six jaws slide toward the center and lock onto the head of the nut or bolt, unique mechanism allows the Bionic Wrench to grip hexagonal, square and even rounded fasteners.
This ruggedly built tool is made of hardened, cold-rolled steel and features a rust-resistant black-oxide finish.
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love it

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amazing quality

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I like it

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I like it!

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Amazing! I love it

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